Our company is lead by Co-CEO’s Jordan Kurzweil and James Luria. They have been defining digital media since 1995, and together have launched hundreds of websites and produced terabytes of content for brands and major media companies.

James and Jordan have created content and built businesses in almost every major consumer content category including:

» Movie News and Information
» Documentary
» History
» Business News
» Personal Finance
» News
» Politics
» Sports
» Animation
» Sci-fi
» Music News
» Live and In-studio Music Performances
» Reality Programming
» Large Scale Event Programming
» Cooking
» Home
» Style & Beauty
» Tech News
» Food & Cooking
» Comedy
» Natural Health and Wellness
» Parenting
» Pets
» Cross-Platform Event Programming (Web/TV)

Jordan Kurzweil

In fifth grade, Jordan was labeled an artist and a futurist (we think his mom still has the awards), so its no wonder he’s been working in digital media since the advent of the graphical web browser. After a brief and successful early career directing commercial film, Jordan jumped at the chance to work online seeing it as an opportunity to mix media, design and user interaction to develop new forms of communication, entertainment and language. Less highfalutinly, Jordan is a user experience guy who loves to create products and content that delight digital audiences and make the web a better place.

Jordan landed his first digital gig at News Corp. in 1995, where he launched content verticals for fledgling online service iGuide. Shortly after creating sites for movies, music, history and news, he was asked to lead the launch of Foxnews.com, followed quickly by Foxsports.com, and then Fox.com, along the way cranking out first-of-their-kind wireless, broadband and interactive TV products.

After Fox, Jordan went to AOL to help the company move to the open web, again launching channels that mixed content and useful applications in the food, health, style, green living and tech categories. He also built AOL’s first original programming unit which developed and produced the video content for all of AOL’s websites – from cooking shows with celebrity chefs, to live concerts with bands like Coldplay, and news programs with personalities such as Mo Rocca. One of the most fun things he did at AOL was executive producing the Emmy Award winning webcast of Live8.

Details: Jordan graduated from Colgate University in cold, dreary, beer-soaked upstate New York with a double major in studio art and creative writing, and spent time abroad in Manchester UK at the height of the 90′s music and rave scene.  In his spare time he listens to LP’s on his hi-fi, cooks yummy (if fatty) meals, reads great fiction, watches bad movies and runs… a lot. Jordan lives in Tribeca Brooklyn! with his wife Stephanie, and their two adorable if precocious moppets.



James Luria

James is a content guy, first and foremost.  He likes to think about how to make digital experiences work for their audiences – how to engage users immediately, earn their attention and trust, and make it very clear from the first glance what they should do next and why they should care.

It was at a Jupiter Conference in 1996, while working at Thomson Financial Services, that James saw what a guy like him – that is a comparative literature major prone to big ideas but not much in the way of practical skills – could do in digital media: Use technology to make innovative, useful & entertaining products – or, to put it a different way, make digital media a mass medium worthy of the name.  The guys from Firefly were presenting, and the word “producer” came up – and James realized that this (then) new medium needed people in addition to technologists and designers; it needed producers – people who fuse creative vision and operational expertise to deliver great products. And that’s what he’s been doing ever since.

Passion is essential to make inspired products.  Stuff James is passionate about includes: cooking and eating, literature, movies, good writing wherever it appears, design that works, social justice, the environment, and urban living, to name a few.  He also likes to craft systems and teams that work so that creative people can do great work.

Details: James graduated with a degree in comparative literature from Columbia University in the (great) City of New York, where he was born and bred.  In his spare time he writes fiction and screenplays, and lives in Brooklyn with his domestic partner, Amy Ellenbogen, and their two wiggly children.