A little bit about our lo-fi website.

We were at lunch with a good friend, client and advisor, talking about how our business was evolving, and how social media had become a core component. Our thinking, our product ideas, the work we launched and the requests we were getting from clients had over the last few years become (not surprisingly) driven by social. Then the friend said, this is all great, you guys do great work and have great ideas about social media, but what’s your digital strategy for your own company? “Walk the walk,” he was saying, and that is where the idea for this website started.

Treating ourselves like a client, we thought critically about what business an agency like ours had marketing itself via social media.  Is social media too mass?  Too consumer focused for a b-to-b marketing play?  Could social really do something for us?  

Or, more to the point, is the idea of the “social web” a useful or relevant distinction? Or has the web, in fact, become social? And what’s this mean about the work we do and the Internet we live in? The reality is that the web has gone through another revolution. With the colossal rise of Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr, and of course, the blogosphere, the web has matured. It’s no longer a homesteading game; it’s a media game. Attention is now aggregated on several large platforms – just like the old days of network TV. But the “shows” on these networks are our identities.

This was what crystallized for us over lunch: what matters now, more than ever, is creating great content – content that articulates your point of view, demonstrates your value, and differentiates you from the competition – and injecting that content effectively into the established, thriving streams of attention.

And that’s the point: the web is established; it’s come of age. Yes, great, creative product matters, especially if you want to grow a real owned and operated digital business, and not just feed Facebook and Twitter with your labor and your customers’ or followers’ time. But, there is also, at long last, a truly interconnected, interoperable, content-driven Internet, in which topics, interest, and identities flow from platform to platform, and in which entities – be they citizens, brands or, say, digital agencies – can, and must, persistently engage in the conversations that matter to earn attention and, ultimately, business.

And, so, back to this very website, built on WordPress, even though we are a company that loves to conceive and develop original products and platforms. Advising ourselves, we realized we had to practice what we preach – don’t over-engineer, don’t over-design, use what works, harness established platforms and behaviors, be everywhere, be relevant, be pragmatic, invest where it matters – tell the world what you do, and take your message to your audience.

So, you can find us here, in our little corner of the interweb, and on Facebook, and Twitter and wherever else you might be, because if you’re interested in digital products and media, we want our content to find you.